Video Production Business Tip – Improve Your Focus

Every time I realize that I’m trying to do too many things in my video business, I remember the wise words of Miagi from the original Karate Kid movie, “Focus Daniel-san!”

Like many of you, I have an insatiable drive to be successful in business and in life. This can be both a blessing and a curse. I succeed because I try a lot of new things. However, I’d probably succeed faster and at higher levels if I did fewer things, but better.

Part of being a great video producer is having the ability to communicate extremely difficult messages or concepts in a way that anyone with a 6th grade education or above can understand. We have to focus in on what’s important and work really hard to simplify, simplify, simplify in order for the video to accomplish its goals.

I believe the same is true for our video production companies.

In order to accomplish our goals, we have to first create processes for marketing, selling, production, etc. but we then have to work our tails off to make them as simple as possible. Not only for ourselves as the business owners but also for those we ask to help us in various capacities.

My major problem area regarding focus is in my marketing. I feel like I am a solid marketer and that I’ve had a lot of success with marketing my video business. The only problem is that I have so many marketing balls in the air, a lot of them get dropped which leads to frustration and almost a sense of guilt because I’m not doing any one area justice which isn’t helping me accomplish my goals in a systematic way.

I’ve mentioned in some of our Insider coaching calls recently that I believe I’ve found the magic formula for using online video marketing to generate new leads and that I plan on putting a lot more time, money and energy into this effort in 2013.

The problem is that just a week or so into the new year, I’m having a lot of trouble finding the time or motivation to write scripts, get in front of the camera and edit it all together. I’ve also found that I can’t really hire this stuff out. For some reason, when it’s me driving this part of the process, the results all the way around are just better.

Basically, the process that must take place before the video marketing effort can even begin is giving me problems. It’s adding a lot of stress to my work day and I’m not sure what to do about it. The goal-driven competitor in me wants to just make room for it but the experienced entrepreneur in me is saying that if I can’t make it an easy, no-brainer process that I shouldn’t do it.

I know all I really need to do is focus on making this process as simple as possible and to make it a priority in my daily activities. Thinking about producing 5 promotional videos a week drive me crazy but spending an hour a day to write, shoot and edit a quick clip together doesn’t seem all that bad as long as I stick to it.

Plus, after I’ve perfected the process, this could be a great learning opportunity for an intern or part-time employee to come in and help make this even easier for me to manage my video production company.